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Our Work in Egypt

Project Activity:

Since 1978

Project Location:


Project Management:


Project Objectives

  • Supporting decentralization through raising the competence of the local administration;
  • Enhancing public awareness and participation in the sustainable development process, especially in environmental and urban development issues;
  • Promoting natural and cultural preservation and ecology issues for community development; i.e. eco-tourism in new tourist districts. 

Target Groups

  • Employees of the local and regional administrationMembers of non-governmental organizations, and other civil society organizations
  • Public interested in development projects
  • Local media representatives
  • With a special focus on youth and women

Brief Project Description

Strengthening democratic awareness among the Egyptian citizens as well as the government administration is a necessity for achieving objectives such as democratization, decentralization, and participatory local development in Egypt.

In the current project, Hanns Seidel Foundation supports knowledge and exchange of experience in decentralization and participatory sustainable development on the local level in cooperation with a nation-wide network of adult education centers (the Nile Centers for Information, Education & Training) and concerned stakeholders (local administrations, NGOs, and citizens).

Practice-oriented seminars and workshops on decentralization, local administration and public engagement in current public issues are organized in cooperation with government and civil society institutions.

As a result of these activities, local development initiatives come to life, in many local communities (governorates); these initiatives are de-centrally initiated through a participatory approach and are jointly implemented by various state administration departments and active civil society.

The continuous know-how exchange on successful practical cases in the field of decentralization and public participation is supported by local and international activities. Thus, the project work contributes on various levels to the improvement of the living conditions in Egypt.


  • State Information Service (30 Nile Centers in the whole country)
  • Local Administration
  • Civic Society Organizations