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Early intervention for children with disabilities

During the period from 09-13 September, and 20-25 October, 2023, The National Council for Persons with Disabilities in cooperation with the Hanns Seidel Foundation held 2 rounds of workshops on the “Early Intervention for Children with Disabilities”.

The instructor giving one of the sessions of the workshop.

A series of training workshops have been prepared to improve the efficiency of the Healthcare Authority's staff, in order to enable persons with disabilities and their families to obtain available health services, as well as ensure effective communication process with persons with hearing disabilities. The first round of this workshop was held in Cairo while the second round was held in Luxor.

This series of training workshops aimed mainly at identifying the concept of early intervention for children with vision disability, hearing disability and intellectual disability and highlighting goals, principles and strategies of the early intervention program. This is beside providing the opportunity to the healthcare staff to increase their knowledge and skills with regards to Interacting with Persons with Disabilities and teach them with the fundamentals of Sign language.