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Decentralization and Local Administration in Egypt and Germany




This book presents both the Egyptian and German experiences in local administration with a specific focus on decentralization. The German model which presents a stable national status with unified policies on one hand and a decentralized system with strong regional and local capacities on the other is presented as an inspiration for the ongoing administrative reform process in Egypt.

The German and Egyptian experiences are described by the authors of this book, Dr. Saleh El-Sheikh and Dr. Andreas Kalina, both exquisite experts on the topic with long national and international experience, who participated together in a workshop organized in Egypt in May 2015 by the Hanns Seidel Foundation in cooperation with its Egyptian partner the State Information Service on the same topic.

The book includes eight chapters shared by Dr. Saleh El-Sheikh and Dr. Andreas Kalina and is concluded with a short contribution by the Project Coordinator of the Hanns Seidel Foundation about the Foundation’s decentralization program implemented with the Nile Centers over the past years.

The chapters covered by Dr. El-Sheikh start with an introduction on decentralization from theory to practice then proceed to local democratic systems covering the political and legal context of the Egyptian local system. Dr. El-Sheikh also presented requirements for the reform of the local system through decentralization as well as a review of the Egyptian experience in civic education.

Dr. Kalina wrote an introduction to the process of transformation into decentralization followed by a review of the federal system and local governance in Germany as well as the municipal administration and modernization trends.

The valuable contribution of both authors was concluded with recommendations and an overview of lessons learned from the German experience.


Published in December 2015

Guidelines for Participatory Development

Concepts and An Executive Framework:

Local Initiatives as a Model



The Foundation implemented a comprehensive program throughout several years to support local development initiatives in the various governorates of Egypt. It organized workshops and training series on planning, implementing and evaluating participatory development initiatives for the Nile Centers’ staff and their local partners from the civic society and local administration.

Hanns Seidel Foundation together with the State Information Service agreed to publish this book in cooperation with experts from Takamol Foundation for Sustainable Development, based on their long national and international experience on participatory development.

This book is a manual presenting guidelines for participatory development within its 3 chapters, which include a theoretical background on the participatory development approach covering Egyptian policies and laws, then it presents an executive framework and practical methods for participatory development, focusing on local initiatives as a tool and finally concluded with a chapter describing local initiatives with practical steps as implementing guidelines giving examples of local initiatives implemented by the Nile Centers. It is published as a reference manual for those working on local initiatives with the hope that it would contribute to the achievement of real participation in the sustainable development process in Egypt.

Published in December 2015

30 "Nile Centers" are affiliated to the State Information Service, distributed in all 27 governorates of Egypt. Since 2005 they are publishing a quarterly newsletter on their activities. Each edition comprises 6 issues, covering all 6 regions of Egypt. The newsletters are produced locally refelcting the decentralized and community oriented approach of the Nile Centers. The topics range from the local perspective on the current political events to various local development problems on which the Nile Centers focus their work respectively.


Please find here the newsletters of the first quarter of 2013:

Published in March 2013.