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Training program
The impact of Climate Change on Women

Within the framework of implementing the joint action plan between the Environmental Affairs Agency and the Hanns Seidel Foundation and to achieve the objectives of their joint cooperation project entitled “Supporting the Role of Women and Youth in Preserving the Environment,” which seeks to support and integrate women and youth to achieve sustainable environmental goals, a training on “The Impact of Climate Change on Women” in cooperation with the National Council for Women was held.

The instructor giving one of the sessions.

The instructor giving one of the sessions.

During the period from 12.11.2023 to 13.11.2023, The training workshop on the impact of Climate Change on Women was held. This came Within the framework of the Women Council’s interest in building capabilities and raising the competencies of women leaders and its employees to carry out their duties and assume their responsibilities in the field of preserving the environment and reducing the impact of climate change.


The training mainly aimed at highlighting the intersection of climate change and gender. As well as raising awareness on the impacts of climate change and understanding the role of women in addressing climate change. As recognizing the impact of climate change on women is essential for effective policy formulation, decision-making, and resource allocation.